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In my spare time I’ve been working on:


I thought it’d be swell to combine drawings and music into little ringtone sketches, selling them for a couple bucks a piece. For $2 you get:

  • iPhone ringtone file (m4r)
  • Ringtone for other phones (mp3)
  • Ringtone artwork (also by me!)

These aren’t snippets of songs. Astral Fish ringtones are all original compositions by me – intended as ringtones from the start. Some tones are (supposed to be) funny, some alarming, and others are ambient reminders. The artwork for each ringtone is drawn in Adobe Ideas on my iPad and most ringtones are created on the iPad or iPhone, composed via the same speakers that will be used to hear the ringtone so I can ensure a quality audio experience.

If you’d like preview new ringtones as they come out follow Astral Fish here on Tumblr and @astralfish on Twitter.


Remember RongTong back in ‘82? Relive all those wonderful memories whenever your phone needs you!

Buy now for only $2!

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